Product Commercial & Lifestyle Photography Case Study



We partnered with Bouncepad to create captivating launch content for their ‘Go’ Portable Tablet Stand. Our collaboration involved producing a 30-second commercial in both landscape and portrait orientations, along with shorter 18 and 6-second versions. Additionally, we conducted on-location lifestyle photography, high-end e-commerce photography, and conceptual studio stills. Our objective was to craft a sleek product commercial showcasing the various use cases and environments throughout a day, maintaining a cohesive look and feel across all visuals.

To complement the location shoot, we captured high-end product-centered photography for product page listings, website content, and editorial. This also included conceptual photography for abstract website banner imagery.

Bouncepad: 'Go' Portable Tablet Holder Launch Campaign


20 x Hours Planning, 30 x Hours Production, 68 x Hours Post-Production

Production Time

1 x Photographer, 1 x Videographer, 1 x Project Manager, 1 x Stylist, 2 x Assistants




We delivered a collection of high-end location photography, six product video commercials, and high-end e-commerce studio stills for the product launch. The product commercial employed meticulous match cuts and tracking camera movements to demonstrate the product’s functionality and use cases in different environments, such as homes, offices, kitchens, and playrooms.

External monitors were used during recording to ensure accurate shot alignment and pacing for seamless edits. While this required a methodical workflow, it significantly reduced editing time and resulted in a superior final outcome. For the vertical orientation formats, we mounted the camera in portrait mode, necessitating the capture of footage twice to ensure sufficient resolution and framing. The 18 and 6-second videos had a slightly modified sequence of shots due to their shorter length, necessitating careful project management to streamline the post-production workflow and ensure all shots were captured and logged.

During the shoot, our interior stylist dressed the rooms and environments, adding significant production value to the already beautiful London property we hired. The production spanned two days, with one extended 12-hour day dedicated to capturing all the video content. Photography was captured the day prior, allowing us to prepare scenes and lighting for the video shoot while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic between the two mediums. Additionally, the studio photography was conducted weeks in advance using early production samples, enabling us to familiarise ourselves with the product and plan for the location shoot.



The resulting video and photography content has been utilised across Bouncepad’s website, product pages, social media platforms, and offline marketing materials. We provided photography assets in various aspect ratios (16:9, 1:1, 4:5, 2:3, and 9:16) to accommodate diverse usage scenarios, while the product videos were supplied in 16:9, 1:1, and 9:16 formats. The primary videos were used in 16:9, product page videos in 1:1, and social media content (TikTok, Instagram ads, etc.) in 9:16.

One minor challenge arose when tablet screens were initially intended to be composited onto the devices in the video. However, this requirement was later removed after all the footage had been shot. As we had used tracking markers on the devices, we needed to remove them during the post-production phase. Fortunately, we had allocated time for revisions and amendments, allowing us to swiftly carry out this task and ensure timely delivery of all assets for the product launch.