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Case Studies

Ambassadeur Art Case Study Neve Studios 4

Ambassadeur Art: Dairo

Ambassadeur Art: Dairo 1500 1000 Névé Studios

Ambassadeur Art: Dairo The Brief Ambassadeur Art is a gallery that brings some of the hottest contemporary art from London to the seaside in Bournemouth. We worked with them to…

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sony uk ireland 2018 trade show neve studios case study 3

Sony UK & Ireland: 2018 Trade Show

Sony UK & Ireland: 2018 Trade Show 1500 841 Névé Studios

Sony UK & Ireland: 2018 Trade Show The Brief Sony UK has been making waves in recent years – particularly in the imaging, television and film markets where Sony has…

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ThinkBDW Brookmans Park Neve Studios Case Study 30

ThinkBDW: Brookmans Manor

ThinkBDW: Brookmans Manor 1001 1500 Névé Studios

Think BDW: Brookmans Manor The Brief ThinkBDW is the largest property marketing agency in the UK, providing a huge range of services for developers – from graphic renders all the…

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Bottega Nera Launch Campaign Neve Studios Case Study 30

Bottega Nera

Bottega Nera 2248 1500 Névé Studios

Bottega Nera The Brief Bottega Nera is a UK based collaboration by the two founders with a shared vision in the growing accessible world of sexual freedom. We were approached…

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Think BDW Blackwall Reach Development Neve Studios Case Study 82

ThinkBDW: Blackwall Reach

ThinkBDW: Blackwall Reach 1500 1001 Névé Studios

Think BDW: Blackwall Reach The Brief ThinkBDW is the largest property marketing agency in the UK, providing a huge range of services for developers – from graphic renders all the…

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M Group Services Neve Studios Case Study 6

Morrison Utility Services

Morrison Utility Services 1500 1000 Névé Studios

M Group Services The Brief M Group Services, one of the UK’s leading utility service providers, works with blue chip clients for the maintenance of infrastructure and networks across the…

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Visit Italia Neve Studios Case Study 7

Visit Italia

Visit Italia 1500 1001 Névé Studios

Visit Italia The Brief It’s not uncommon for some of our more ‘personal’ projects to become somewhat collaborative with a brand. Whilst out in Italy during the autumn, we created…

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Panasonic Lumix Neve Studios Case Study 10

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic Lumix 1500 1001 Névé Studios

Panasonic: Lumix The Brief Panasonic’s imaging department has been ramping up almost exponentially in recent years, particularly in smaller compact system cameras and those with professional video capability. With this…

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Inglorious Motorcycles Neve Studios Case Study 24

Inglorious Motorcycles

Inglorious Motorcycles 1001 1500 Névé Studios

Inglorious Motorcycles The Brief Inglorious Motorcycles are a bespoke design, build and restoration motorcycle company based in the UK. While their work really does speak for itself, professional photography was…

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Eat Neve Studios Case Study 42

Eat Natural

Eat Natural 2250 1500 Névé Studios

Eat Natural The Brief Eat Natural is a widely recognised UK brand involved in selling both cereal and cereal bars all around the world. We were honoured to be approached…

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