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—we shoot it.

From skincare and haircare, through to makeup and everything in between—if you have makeup products to photograph, we have you covered.

Why make things complicated?

Simply send them to our purpose-built product photography studio in Hampshire, where our in-house creative team will get to work in preparing your products, photographing them, giving them some high-end retouching and securely shipping everything back to you!

1. You Send It—We Shoot It

Life’s short. Simply get a quote from us below, bubble wrap and securely post what you have and just let us take care of the rest!

2. In-House Creative Team

We’re not an agency, outsourcing your project overseas. Your project is managed, shot and edited by our creative team right here in the UK.

3. Forget About Licensing

We include unlimited global usage licensing as standard for all content, providing huge savings and making life easier for everyone.

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the world’s best…

“Couldn’t be more pleased with our whole experience from start to finish with Névé. After finding them online after many disappointing experiences with photo shoots we trialed our latest launch with Névé. The whole team are so efficient and quick to respond, and a delight to deal with. The caliber of their work is outstanding we genuinely couldn’t be happier. So much so that we have allocated all of our 2023 shoots with them :) Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jenna, Kao Corporation.


vs. Creative

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Total (ex VAT)£

    1. Minimum

    All creative photography projects in our studio are either half or whole days. Including pre and post-production time, our minimum is roughly £1.2k + VAT (plus expenses).

    2. Average

    The creative shoots in our studio are all completely unique, but the average project size is a full day shoot and with a value of around £3-5k + VAT (plus expenses).

    3. Maximium

    We have a very capable in-house team (as well as a comprehensive network of partners) to complete the end-to-end delivery of even the largest and most complex of projects.

    Standard vs.

    high-end retouching

    Neve Studios Standard vs High End Retouching 2
    Neve Studios Standard vs High End Retouching 3


    & FAQ’s

    • This is what we consider any standard product photography for an online store product listing, which is generally on a plain white, grey or transparent background. This includes white background product photography for Amazon or for your own Shopify/Woo Commerce store etc.

      Any photography outside of this scope, such as introducing props and creative surfaces, using models or creating infographics, does not fall under this category and is charged on an hourly rate instead.

    • Creative product photography is anything outside of standard white background product images or pack-shots for an e-commerce store. This could be anything from creative flat lays of your products, through to introducing hands, models or shooting outside of the studio.

      We charge this type of photography differently from e-commerce product photography because it’s so varied and needs to be bespoke quoted based on the time required. There are also outside costs such as models, location hire, props and development of creative concepts that needs to be covered within the project cost.

    • Our ‘per image’ unit pricing is for e-commerce product photography only. These are generally white or grey background pack-shots of your products. The unit prices start at £36 + VAT for small projects of under 11 images, and increase incrementally for larger projects where they plateau at £9.75 + VAT per image for any project 170 images and above. There is a pricing calculator on our website that you can use to illustrate this economy of scale pricing structure.

      There are then ‘modifiers’ to the unit price that are either applied because of the product type or because you require a specific level of service. We charge 2x for clothing/textiles, 2x for jewellery photography, as well as 2x for an expedited turnaround and 4x for high-end retouching. These figures all apply to the base unit price, which is governed by the total number of images.

    • We include standard retouching as…standard. This includes cutting out and making sure it’s on the relevant coloured background (white/grey etc), carrying out all necessary colour/brightness adjustments and ensuring they’re ready for delivery. As we ensure that most images look 90% of the way there in camera, this level of retouching is generally suitable for most clients with their own e-commerce store or when working in high-volume.

      The level above this is High-End retouching, which goes above and beyond what’s detailed above. This includes a huge amount of Photoshop to ensure each image is immaculate and free from all blemishes, reconstructing parts of the packaging or material, completely changing the colours of products or packaging or ensuring jewellery is up there with the likes of Swarovski.

      Many of our clients that opt for this service either appeal to the luxury or higher end of the market and need the images to reflect this, have products and packaging that need a lot of work to fix handling damage or are needing product photography to go into print and will be shown at large scale.

    • Our current minimum order value as a studio is £200 + VAT. However, for creative product photography projects, our minimum order size is £1200 + VAT (plus expenses), as it simply isn’t possible to conduct a high-end creative project the expected standard in any less time, and it would be disservice to our clients to take less time to carry outr projects.

    • For e-commerce product photography projects, we always provide an accurate quote before booking which includes all costs associated with the project. The only instances where a project cost will change after quoting is if the specification of the project changes (client requests additional images, a lower number of products are delivered to us, a higher level of service is required etc). We will always endeavour to communicate any changes to the project cost with the client as we move through the project, allowing an opportunity to adjust budgets or purchase orders.

      The quote we provide for e-commerce product photography should, if completed correctly, reflect the quote received through our pricing slider. The only addition to this will be the handling fee for sending products back to the client after the shoot. The standard for this is £20 + VAT, which covers boxing up and returning insured via DPD. We may apply a higher handling fee for large volume projects or very high value items that need special insurance.

      For creative product photography or any projects conducted outside of our studio, there are a few additional costs which could be associated with the project. We charge mileage at the standard rate of £0.45pm from our studio address (GU35 0FX), and we also charge travel time for any journeys over a 2 hour round trip from the same address. This travel time is tied with the hourly rate assigned for the project and charged at half the rate.

      We have a selection of props and surfaces in our studio already which we can and do use on multiple projects. However, any specific props, colours or perishable items (such as flowers/fruits etc) will need to be sourced specifically for the project and the cost forwarded to you. We won’t surprise you with a bill for these, instead allocating a proposed prop and material budget ahead of time for us to work within.

      We always look to include as many known costs or expenses during the quoting stage of a project. Any unknown costs, such as miscellaneous expenses or mileage where there isn’t a fixed location, will be outlined during the quoting stage but without a firm figure attached. Same again with props and materials required for a shoot in our studio. We can provide a rough estimate of the cost and then put the actual and final figure on the final invoice. Alternatively, we sometimes apply a fixed cost during the quoting stage and then we work within that.

    • Our standard turnaround time for projects is 12 working days from the shoot date. This figure is subject to the size of the project, as very large projects or a huge amount of high-end retouching will extend this turnaround time. Though we will be able to communicate an ETA on final images at the point of scheduling the shoot date.

      We’re generally booked up around 2/3 weeks in advance, though we often have postponements or gaps which open up scheduling opportunities for projects in the queue. Smaller projects are also easier to fit in at shorter notice as we can squeeze them into an existing shoot date for another client where there’s sufficient time.

      At the point of booking, we will provide you with a provisional shoot date based on the studio diary at that given moment. We then wait to formally confirm this shoot date until both the deposit is paid and the products have arrived at our studio. This is because we’ve had issues in the past with products being delayed in transit and then having to postpone shoot dates at the last minute, which obviously causes scheduling issues at our end with other clients!

      We have an Expedited Turnaround service which brings the turnaround time from the shoot date to 72 hours. This comes at a price premium but allows us to shift team members around to ensure we deliver the project within this timeframe. Please note, this 72 hour service doesn’t account for weekends where the studio is closed, so a shoot carried out on Thursday will be delivered on Tuesday. It’s also again subject to the size of the project, where very large volume can’t be turned around in such a short space of time. We will be able to communicate with you at the point of booking a realistic expedited turnaround date based on the size of your project in this instance.

    • Our standard payment terms for most projects are a 50% deposit at the point of booking, and the final balance due under standard NET30 terms upon completion. Any adjustments to the project (such as additional requirements or removed images), will be reflected in the final 50% payment.

      For very large projects, we bring the the deposit down to 25% to minimise the up-front cost. We don’t have a threshold for this change and is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the project and any up-front costs required by us (such as booking models/locations etc).

      For very small projects (usually under £250 + VAT), we will likely invoice the full amount up-front at the point of booking. Again, this is done on a case-by-case basis.

    • Absolutely! We love having clients in the studio to help on projects. Saves a lot of back-and-forth and can really help having someone there who’s familiar with the product and how it needs to be portrayed. Same again for shoots on location, you’re more than welcome to attend and help wherever you wish.

      We also carry out most of our studio photography remotely, where clients send the products to us and our team sends over previews at the start of the shoot to make sure we’re going down the right lines. We request your cooperation and available time for this, but this would be communicated to you in the run up the shoot to make sure you’re available at a specific time on the shoot date for feedback.

    • Whilst we do have rows of warehouse racks for storing client products, we run out of space quickly when projects are delayed or we have multiple large projects on at once. To minimise this disruption, we send back products within a week of project completion.

      If you’re arranging your own collection, you must also arrange this immediately upon completion of the project. We reserve the right to charge a weekly warehousing cost for storing your items if they are left with us and are unable to return them, though this will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

      If you are looking to arrange a follow-up shoot and would like us to keep your products until then, let us know at the point of booking so we can safely store your items for then. We will not charge for holding your products in this instance, though we would appreciate clearly communicated timescales so we know how long we will be holding your products for.

    • Yes! We do a lot of video production here at Névé Studios and is all carried out by our in-house team. Video projects are all priced up much the same as photography projects outside of our studio, with an hourly rate assigned and calculated based on the time required for the project. Visit this page to see more of our video production work and feel free to reach out to discuss this further!

    • Yes! We have in-house designers who can produce infographics for your Amazon listing. This work is charged on an hourly rate based on the time required for the project. Simply let us know how many you need and provide a few examples and we can include this cost during the quoting stage.

    • Yes! We use a combination of UK based modelling agencies for sourcing models for shoots depending on your requirements, with some agencies centred more on fashion models and others with more varied ranges of people, families and sometimes actors or influencers.

      The cost does vary between models and between agencies, so we don’t charge a fixed cost for models but instead on a project by project basis. There are also licensing fees to pay when using an agency if you wish to extend usage of the images and the models likeness past a specific length of time. This is known as gaining usage ‘in perpetuity’ and comes at an additional cost which we can negotiate with the agency and include in the project cost.

      We also do casting calls through Instagram for models if your requirements are less specific. This also means that we can liaise directly with the model instead of going through an agency, which often allows us to negotiate better usage terms or more favourable rates. Again, these costs will be included at the point of quoting. We do include an extra couple of hours pre-production time to cover model casting, though this generally works out a more cost-effective option despite the additional pre-production time.

    • Yes! We have a number of preferred hair and make-up suppliers which we can arrange for your project. They’re not part of our internal team (though we might get to this point) but we work closely with just a small number of key suppliers and use them regularly. We will do all of the arranging and management, so you don’t need to worry about this side of things. Their cost will also be included in the overall project quote.

    • Yes! We have a number of preferred hair and make-up suppliers which we can arrange for your project. They’re not part of our internal team (though we might get to this point) but we work closely with just a small number of key suppliers and use them regularly. We will do all of the arranging and management, so you don’t need to worry about this side of things. Their cost will also be included in the overall project quote.