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Getting your product specialist, favourite customer or even your CEO in front of the camera will always be one of the most valuable types of video content you can produce. Our in-house video team here in Hampshire are committed to producing not only beautiful looking and sounding video content—but also capturing interviews and talking heads that genuinely connect with your customers.

With some of the best equipment money can buy, an in-house team that includes all videographers, directors, drone pilots, project managers, editors and animators—as well as an enviable network of the best creatives across the whole of the UK, if you need interview videos produced then you might just be in the right place.


We’re no stranger to a multi-camera interview video shoot, using professional lighting, sound and camera equipment. We’re also more than happy to assist with question creation too, just say the word!

Talking Heads

This is basically what we’d consider an interview but without the interviewer. Alongside the technical parts, we can also assist with questions and scripting or provide an autocue to help with information delivery.

Fireside Chats

Do you have a panel of speakers and possibly even an audience? We can assist with this too. Just let us know how many speakers and how it’s set up ,and we’ll come up with an AV solution for you.

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“Couldn’t be more pleased with our whole experience from start to finish with Névé. After finding them online after many disappointing experiences with photo shoots we trialed our latest launch with Névé. The whole team are so efficient and quick to respond, and a delight to deal with. The caliber of their work is outstanding we genuinely couldn’t be happier. So much so that we have allocated all of our 2023 shoots with them :) Couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”

Jenna, Kao Corporation.


    & fees


    £120 + VAT
    /per hour


    £960 + VAT
    /per day


    £0.45 + VAT
    /per mile

    Looking for interviews or talking heads?

    Are you looking to get yourself, your team or your customers in front of the camera? We’re a dab hand at interviews and talking-head videos too. Take a look!

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    Neve Studios London Product Photography Studio Behind the Scenes 5

    Looking for an animation?

    Simply communicating your complex product or service doesn’t have to be…complex. Our in-house 2D animation team here in Hampshire are committed to producing not only beautiful looking and sounding animated video content—but animation that genuinely connects with your customers.


    & FAQ’s

    • We have a large range of video equipment for use on projects. This includes a Sony FX6, Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, a range of Sony mirrorless systems such as the A7R IV, DJI Mavic Pro drones, various DJI gimbals and stabilisers, Godox continuous lighting, numerous lighting modifiers and professional audio equipment. If we need any additional equipment for a project, we can source this due to our connections with rental suppliers. This enables us to produce stunning 4K video content at high frame rates for dramatic slow motion footage.

    • Yes! Three of our team are certified drone operators and able to carry out all pre-flight paperwork and aerial capture using DJI Mavic Pro drones.

    • All of our video projects are rounded into half days (4 x hours), whole days (8 x hours) and extended days (9 x hours and over). This minimum of half a day is due to all of the set-up time required for video work and to ensure we have plenty of time to capture all of the required content.

    • Video projects vary enormously in scale and cost. Taking an average of all video projects completed over the last 18 months, our average project value for video work is in the £3000-5000 + VAT range. Some projects were much smaller, around £1500-2000 + VAT for a day on site and a relatively simple edit. And some are much larger, where we had multiple videographers over multiple days, with projects reaching well into the tens of thousands. We aim to keep our approach and team as simple as possible for all projects, which results in lower costs overall.

    • Our rates outlined above are for all labour associated with the project, not just the time on site. So additional time and costs will be in any pre-production required (such as paperwork for flying drones, storyboarding etc), as well as post-production to put the video together. All of these costs will be compiled and provided to you as a complete quote prior to booking to avoid any additional costs later down the line. The only other costs are then associated directly with the project, which could include mileage at £0.45pm from GU35 0FX, travel time at £60 + VAT per hour over an hour from GU35 0FX, and any accommodation, sustenance or direct hire costs for models etc. Again, all known costs will be stipulated prior to booking.

      Any unknown costs will be communicated with you as they arise and added to the final invoice. This could be if any changes are made to the project as we move along which increases the time required for the project or required additional spend on our part.

      We charge 50% extra for any ‘extended’ hours over an 8 hour day or outside of standard working hours. Which is an hourly rate of £180 + VAT.

    • Turnaround times for video projects vary hugely depending on your requirements. Our standard turnaround time for any project is 12 working days, but this is more of a general guideline and large or complicated video projects can push this up significantly. The best option is to provide us with your required turnaround time at the point of enquiring so that we can see if it’s achievable and provide estimated delivery dates based on your project brief.

    • Our standard payment terms for most projects are a 50% deposit at the point of booking, and the final balance due under standard NET30 terms upon completion. Any adjustments to the project (such as additional requirements or removed images), will be reflected in the final 50% payment.

      For very large projects, we bring the the deposit down to 25% to minimise the up-front cost. We don’t have a threshold for this change and is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the project and any up-front costs required by us (such as booking models/locations etc).

      For very small projects (usually under £250 + VAT), we will likely invoice the full amount up-front at the point of booking. Again, this is done on a case-by-case basis.

    • Yes! We use a combination of UK based modelling agencies for sourcing models for shoots depending on your requirements, with some agencies centred more on fashion models and others with more varied ranges of people, families and sometimes actors or influencers.

      The cost does vary between models and between agencies, so we don’t charge a fixed cost for models but instead on a project by project basis. There are also licensing fees to pay when using an agency if you wish to extend usage of the images and the models likeness past a specific length of time. This is known as gaining usage ‘in perpetuity’ and comes at an additional cost which we can negotiate with the agency and include in the project cost.

      We also do casting calls through Instagram for models if your requirements are less specific. This also means that we can liaise directly with the model instead of going through an agency, which often allows us to negotiate better usage terms or more favourable rates. Again, these costs will be included at the point of quoting. We do include an extra couple of hours pre-production time to cover model casting, though this generally works out a more cost-effective option despite the additional pre-production time.

    • Yes! We have a number of preferred hair and make-up suppliers which we can arrange for your project. They’re not part of our internal team (though we might get to this point) but we work closely with just a small number of key suppliers and use them regularly. We will do all of the arranging and management, so you don’t need to worry about this side of things. Their cost will also be included in the overall project quote.

    • Yes! This is a service we’re really looking to grow this year to allow us to produce more diverse and even higher production value video work for our clients. We primarily produce 2D animations using software such as After Effects, but are currently branching out into 3D animation work in Cinema 4D.