Real Life Digital: The Story

The Brief

Real Life Digital is a website design and development company based in Hampshire (they also happen to be our neighbours!)

We were approached by Real Life Digital to create a brand story video to help differentiate the company in a hugely saturated market.

The brief was simple, to create a short introductory video that can quickly explain who they are, what they do and to act as a qualification tool to improve the quality of their website leads.

It’s always so refreshing to have such an open brief and the freedom to try something a little bit different, after all, doing the same as everyone else in order to differentiate your company is a little counterintuitive.

The Solution

We threw around some ideas at an early meeting so we could test the water and see if we were all on the same wavelength.

This is where we understood that the key differentiator is the human element. It’s not about their service or product offering, it’s everything that goes with it.

With this in mind, we used a narrative element with Barry and Darren of Real Life Digital to structure the video – the key word here being ‘narrative.’ This wasn’t just marketing speak, this was a story.

Our relaxed approach in questioning was what allowed for complete openness and honesty – which is exactly what this video needed to portray.

This narrative element then added context for all of the other video content – which, in turn, adds context for all of Real Life Digital’s customer interactions going forward.