Product Photography & Video Case Study



We produced a series of photography and video content for Aesop UK, the luxury skincare brand known worldwide for it’s stunning stores, beautiful marketing and high-quality products. The basic premise of the project was to expand on the industrial vibe of Aesop’s existing visual content and naturally incorporate life into the scene. The concept behind this built around the idea of rebirth and new life, which makes a clear nod to the brand’s mission and product function.



The result is a collection of 40 high-end product images and 8 short-form product videos to be used across social media and product page listings, centred around the Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and Hand Balm, as well as the Citrus Melange Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm.

All content was produced in a tabletop setup in our studio across a half-day, with the bulk of the project carried out before the shoot date in planning the shots and sourcing the materials. A styling cue used heavily throughout was in wild flowers appearing organically from the edges of the frame and from the industrial concrete materials. All of these materials were sourced locally and were fresh during the production.

For the video, we opted to keep all footage static but bring the dynamics through the use of light and shadow within the scene. This involved manipulating lights to give the illusion of daylight changing, as well as creating natural shadow movements using leaves and reflective items. The net result is a series of video content that complements all photography in terms of look and feel, elevating the products and brand and giving weight to the products. The next stage of this project will be to introduce more human elements and real products to focus less on the packaging and more on the output.