Apothe Co

Skincare Brand Product & Model Photography Case Study



We were approached by Apothe Co to produce an entire suite of photography content to kickstart the brand’s launch. This involved e-commerce product photography for the entire range, styled photography of key product lines for website content, a couple of month’s worth of social media content and also a range of model photography for use across all marketing assets.

Womens Cosmetics Model Photography Studio in London Apothe Co Neve Studios 9

“Loved working with these guys! The project brief was to develop marketing content (from scratch) for our brand, including e-commerce,  creative product photography, website banners and content involving two models. All the images look stunning. Will no doubt be using them in future!” Jaco.



As a startup with absolutely no existing assets and only a very loose brand concept, we were given a huge amount of creative free-reign to have fun with the photography and product something uniquely Apothe Co. We wanted to steer away from creating content that’s too clean and clinical, including that of the e-commerce photography which would traditionally be shot on white or grey as a cut-out—opting instead for photography closely aligned stylistically to all other assets, using earthy and industrial tones to really make the product pop.

Rich textures were planned from the outset to be used throughout all photography, becoming an integral part of the social media and website banner photography in creating a sense of space and minimalism and also a richness that would compliment the brand colours and styling used across the website and other brand assets.

Both fresh and dry ingredients from the products were used throughout all content, introducing a pop of colour and introducing life into the imagery to contrast the textures and allow us to have fun with the space we had available on the surfaces.

With the model photography, it was important for us to ensure the photography was aligned with all other assets created during this project. This meant that whilst using high-end equipment and lighting, we also needed to introduce a sense of ‘realness’ and grittiness. The brand is inherently grey and blue in style and feeling, so this was maintained throughout the shoot, using a grey textured backdrop, keeping lighting to a minimum and helping the models to feel relaxed to get real emotions and natural expressions.

The net result is one happy team at our end and one very happy client, with sales coming out of their ears and just about every product sold out in the run up to Christmas, just weeks after launching.