Creative Product Photography Case Study



We worked alongside Babybel to produce two high-concept creative product images to be used across social media and editorials. The concept focuses on the idea of ‘the big cheese in a not-so-big world.’ We took this idea and ran with it, creating a tiny world inside our studio where we could have a whole load of fun building a set and let our creativity run wild. We used a combination of turf, small human figurines, model trees, a lot of patience and a good deal of Photoshop to create the final result. Although what you can see is almost entirely captured in camera, with no compositing required other than replacing the background.

Creative Product Photography Studio in London Neve Studios Babybel
Creative Product Photography Studio in London Neve Studios Babybel


4 x Hours Planning, 4 x Hours Production, 4 x Hours Post-Production

Production Time

1 x Photographer, 1 x Assistant




The most challenging part of producing these two images was in lighting the scenes to match the composited background, as this required a huge amount of forward planning in crafting the light to match the background source material we had so that all of the shadows and angles lined up. Cleaning up the product was also significant, as working at a small scale with wax and natural materials does create a whole lot of mess. Whilst we did as much as we can in camera to reduce the need to clean-up digitally, some Photoshop work was ultimately required to really make the product pop.

The net result is a series of high-end images that we feel truly reflect the concept with a distinctive overarching theme and visual style. What we aim to do is take this one step further, as the production workflow ultimately allows for a huge amount of modularity in creating new content for use across social media by the BabyBel brand.

We look forward to working on this project further!