Big Drop Brewing Co
Creative Product Photography Case Study

A Little


We set out to flex our in-house styling capabilities in the creation of this project for Big Drop Brewing Co. Shooting their Coba Maya, Pine Trail and Paradiso cans within realistic studio tabletop landscapes is no mean feat, especially when there’s water and studio lights involved!

The shoot prep saw Lewis and Julia out on a scavenger hunt/forage in the forest next to our studio, gathering moss, dirt, logs and foliage. Wellness and work rolled into one! Combined with some existing props back in the studio, the duo quickly got to work. 

Big Drop Brewing Co Behind The Scenes Photography Neve Studios
Big Drop Brewing Co


4 x Hours Planning, 4 x Hours Shooting

Production Time

1 x Photographer, 1 x Stylist




First up, we built this beautiful woodland scene. Layering up soil, bark, logs, leaves and moss balls (our personal favourite prop in the studio right now), a magic scene developed in front of our eyes. Tied together with some beautiful dappled light and shooting through some foliage in the foreground, its effectiveness is evident.

Next, a similar woodland scene but upgraded to a creek! By putting all of the materials into an acrylic trays, we were able to pour water underneath and through the middle of the scene–resulting in the fresh watery goodness. With a special spritz of glycerin over the can, the dewy texture took this hero shot to the next level.

The final set-up of the day ended with an afternoon at the beach. If you can call fine sand piled onto an IKEA bag a beach! Taming the sand with a paintbrush and a Feast ice cream in the other hand for balance, we created the perfect sandy peak to pop the Coba Maya lager upon. Adorned with a pair of sunnies and a kitchen towel turned beach towel, we were away!