Bottega Nera
Sexual Wellness Brand Case Study



Bottega Nera is a UK based collaboration by the two founders with a shared vision in the growing accessible world of sexual freedom.

We were approached by Bottega Nera to produce high end photographic content for the launch of the brand. This included images for the e-commerce element of the website, hero images for banners and more abstract imagery for us in all marketing material – both offline and online.

The brief was relatively simple – to create imagery that emphasises the luxury and sophistication of the products. The second part of the brief was to photograph Bottaga Nera’s key product offering, the curated gift boxes full of tailored and accompanying items.



To create this level of sophistication and exclusivity, the entire shoot was carried out in a beautiful country house in Kent. We enlisted the help of Thais, a Brazilian model from London that had just the right look with a perfect balance of strength and sensuality.

The shoot wasn’t just about showing the products, it was about everything that goes with it. It was about creating the right feeling and the right look.  Because of this, we incorporated colour into each of the scenes to create a sense of warmth and increased sensuality.

We shot tethered to a monitor so we could get instant feedback on the direction of the imagery. Fortunately we had already carried out a significant pre-production process, so dialling in this look didn’t take long and we were all on the same creative wavelength from the start.

A live edit was done our client and the team could have a better idea of the end look of the imagery.

Running concurrently, another member of the Névé team was busy with the product shots for the e-commerce element of the website. These were done in the adjacent room to ensure that all imagery had the same look and feel. Product shots against an infinite white backdrop were then carried out at the end of the shoot.