Innocent Drinks

Product Photography Case Study



We produced a small series of images for Innocent Drinks to use across social media and offline marketing collateral. The premise of the project was to elaborate on the playfulness of the brand and really bring the drinks to life through introducing movement/dynamics into the images.

Smoothie Drink Product Photography Studio in London Innocent Smoothies Neve Studios30
Innocent Drinks


2 x Hours Planning, 2 x Hours Shooting

Production Time

1 x Photographer




The result is a series of before and afters, which links with the brand ethos of playfulness and not taking things all that seriously. Shot one for each drink is a pretty standard but clean product shot, whereas the ‘after’ image is where we injected a little bit of life into the scene, whether through the product having a mind of it’s own or a serving suggestion…of sorts.

We kept styling to a minimum, not wanting to distract from the concept of the imagery but also wanting a nod back to the flavours and introducing some artificial morning light into the scene, further the association between the drink and the recommended serving time.