More Or Less

2D Animation Case Study



More Or Less is a simple card game sold primarily on Amazon with the simple premise of asking questions and having to guess if the answer is More or Less. Pretty simple right? We were approached by them to create a punchy explainer video for their Amazon page listing to explain this in the shortest, clearest and easiest way possible. The video had to be 30-60 seconds in length and the only existing assets we had to work with were a few e-commerce product pack shots.

“It looks brilliant! Very slick and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks everyone! Really happy with the result. Good working with you and I’ll be sure to use Névé again in the future and recommend to others. ” Nick.



We got to work by planning out a stylised 2D animation with three simple goals in mind. The first was to clearly explain the premise of the game. The second was to clearly explain how to play and who to play with. And lastly, we needed the video to add a huge amount of brand value and recognition, creating a visual and communication style that would be used on all content going forward. From here, what we did was initially take elements of copy from the packaging and existing marketing materials and produce a short script which would become the basic outline of the animation.

From here, we designed a visual style in static screens to get approval from the client. This step is important as it massively reduces wasted editing time and allows for the collaboration to come up-front, with the technical part of the project towards the end. Due to the initial meetings and discussions about the project, this process ended up being incredible smooth as we essentially got the message, tone and look right on the first go. Royalty free or paid licensed imagery was used in some of the animations, and a distinctive art style was created that had a comic book feel about it.

The video is very much tongue-in-cheek and according to the client, has massively boosted sales across Amazon and has performed it’s primary function better than ever expected. We look forward to working on more projects with the team and versions of the game in the future!