Our Story

Read how it all started.

Here’s how

it all started.

Névé Studios is a photography and video production studio—supporting brands and agencies through the production of truly effective content.

We’re a young and adventurous bunch with a simple shared goal—to produce work that actually makes a difference. All while having a whole load of fun in the process. Straight talking and maybe a little bit excitable, we strive to keep things as simple as possible and continually outdo ourselves.

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When your brand has a great story

chances are people want to hear it.

Névé Studios started in much the same way as you’d expect—a great idea showed up, we mulled it over for all of about five minutes before getting up and simply running with it.

All of us founding directors have been professional photographers and videographers for years—predominantly working in the events field and branding ourselves as such. We still did plenty of commercial work, but as marketers you’d understand the challenge we had in publicising this work under our existing personal brands.

Being good friends, we eventually started to develop a crossover of clients after referring work back and forth due to availability and geography. One of these mutual clients caught wind of the fact that we all knew each other and could together provide a much wider range of services—so they asked us to cover a huge conference together in London.

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This is when

the seed was planted. 

We put our big excitable heads together and developed a plan of action. The plan was to make the entire process as simple, transparent and as painless as possible for the client—after all, that’s the entire reason why they hired us in the first place.

The shoot went beautifully and we created some fantastic content for them to use both internally and externally. In terms of delivery, it was all a little bit clunky and plenty needed to be ironed out at our end—but we were confident we were on to something, and our clients shared our enthusiasm.

Countless late nights and a million coffees later, Névé Studios is now supporting a number of high-profile clients across the UK with their visual marketing content creation. Our team is growing, our service is improving and our clients still love us.

The future of Névé Studios is bright—come and be part of the action.