Passenger Clothing
Model Clothing Photography Case Study

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Keeping things local, we’ve worked with Passenger Clothing on a number of studio projects to shoot e-commerce clothing photography, both flat-lay and on models, as well tents and other accessories. For this particular project, we photographed Passenger’s entire Autumn/Winter 2022 catalogue for e-commerce. We worked with two models and the entire production was across just one single day. The team consisted of one photographer, one hair and make-up artist and one assistant, with the rest of the team covered by Passenger Clothing who were concentrating on product styling and assisting where possible.

High-end retouching was carried out on skin and garments to ensure they looked immaculate and free of all blemishes, though a huge amount of care and consideration was made during the production to cut down on relying on post-production.

Passenger Clothing Model Photography Studio in Hampshire Neve Studios Behind The Scenes
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8 x Hours Shooting, 12 x Hours Editing

Production Time

1 x Photographer, 1 x Stylist




We shot everything tethered to Capture One, with Julia making selects alongside the client during production to speed up the workflow and to allow us to shift the approach and model direction as we went. It also meant we could get the images up on the big screen to see how the garments were placed and to spot any blemishes on the fly. We shot against a paper backdrop instead of a hard infinity cove as this better suited our needs for this particular project, owing to everything being cropped square and not needing the added space provided by a cove. We were also shooting on grey and then painting the backgrounds in post-production to create a clean and consistent background tone to contrast the white website, again, meaning that shooting on paper backdrops was more than enough to provide clean space around he subject and allowing us to then extend and modify the backdrop in post.

We also shot a series of flat-lay creative product images for Xmas social media posts, which were all carried out in our studio on a separate day. These required minimal styling but careful placement to ensure all products were clearly visible and to adhere to strict aspect ratio specifications required by the client.