Property Photography

Done properly.

Your property,

done properly.

Photography plays an enormous part in the positioning of a development in the saturated UK market, particularly in the luxury space around London where everyone’s vying for attention. While CGI gets you most of the way, buyers really do need to see the real thing.

Working with some of the best names in commercial, residential and boutique property development, including Barratt London, Legal & General, Shorewood Homes and Telford–we work on property photography contracts for individual boutique residential homes through to skyline altering multi-million pound developments, producing all manner of interior, exterior and location photography and video production.

Shorewood Homes New Build Property Photography in Hampshire Neve Studios 5


We produce high-end interior photography, predominantly for development brochures and website content. We tend to work at a rate of one residential property per day, but based on client requirements we can slow things down for increased attention to styling and lighting for luxury developments.


Using special lenses to ensure that all lines are straight and perspectives aren’t warped, we conduct a huge amount of exterior photography for sites across London and the UK. This includes development stage photography for investor communications and final build exteriors and composites.


To support our property interior and exterior photography service, we also carry out location shoots for developers to produce local lifestyle content for investor communications, local media and development brochures for customers. This is an often overlooked but very important part of property photography, particularly in London.