Protect My Property

Photography & Video Case Study



We were approached by Protect My Property to produce a suite of launch video and photography content for the brand. This project comprised of one main video deliverable, as well as a series of lifestyle and product photography.



We kept the shoot nice and simple, using a small crew across a single day in London to capture a series of content. We saved an enormous amount of time hiring a home to shoot in which already had all of the necessary styling touches.

The video footage and lifestyle photography required much of the same content, which allowed us to share setups and switch between stills and video easy to capture a wide array of content very quickly.

We worked collaboratively alongside the team at Protect My Property to develop a tonal piece that centred on simplicity. This is a consumer product, which required a fast paced edit showcasing the lifestyle associated with the product and the net outcome of the system. The edit needed to be clear and digestible to be viewed as disruptive media.