Storywood Tequila

Video Case Study



Storywood Tequila is a premium tequila brand which brings together Mexican tequila with traditional Scotch Whisky ageing methods. Part of Proof Drinks but not yet a household name, Storywood approached us to produce a pilot series of video content to broaden the reach of the brand to those outside outside of the immediate consumer group.

With tequila having a somewhat distorted reputation, particularly with younger drinkers who consider it a party drink that you shot—what Storywood wants to achieve is to communicate that their drinks are for sipping and are to be treated as more of a fine Scotch in terms of presentation and drinking style.

The video content needs to prove to distributors initially that there is a market opportunity in their region, opening up the doors to distribution deals worldwide in key markets such as US, China, Japan and Taiwan.

This video content needed to be multi-layered and multi-faceted, with the opportunity for self-perpetuating user-generated content or audience interaction to further the social proof and strengthen the Storywood Tequila brand.



What we produced was a mockumentary style video that paired up members of the ‘public’ to try Storywood for the first time—and then speak about their initial thoughts in a ‘diary room’ style arrangement. We used actors for the entire film, not to be disingenuous but to play on the lightheartedness of the campaign and to ensure we got sufficient reactions to the drinks to pique the audience’s interest.

The film was shot at a location in London in a single day, using 6 actors and a small crew of just 1 videographer, one director and one assistant. Two of the Storywood team were also there to help in briefing the actors and ensure we captured the footage we needed to link with the brand.

We produced one full film (3 minutes) and one teaser (1 minute), with both versions supplied in 16:9, 1:1 and 9:16 to be used across all media. 2D animations were also produced using existing design assets to tie the film together, communicate an introduction to the film and ensure everything is suitably on brand.

All conceptualisation, planning, casting of actors, the shoot and post-production was carried out by our in-house team using our own equipment. The film was shot on RED Scarlet Dragon’s and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras, which allowed us to have the high-production value look that Storywood customers would expect with the brand, but allowing us to remain agile enough to keep production fast to capture all requisite footage in a single day.

The videos are currently doing their rounds on hidden pages for drinkers to watch after they’ve scanned a specific QR code. After this, the videos are going to be rolled out more publicly and with tight targeting to ensure the right eyeballs are grabbed and network effects take over.