5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Online Video Marketing

5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Online Video Marketing

5 Ways To Grow Your Business With Online Video Marketing 1500 1001 Névé Studios

Video content is a powerful addition to your marketing toolset and it’s a resource which can be can be used at each point in your business’s conversion funnel.

Now, we could spend all day on a lengthy intro but let’s just get straight into it: here’s five ways you can use video to better market your business online.


1. Use Specific YouTube Placements

When advertising through YouTube, you can choose the exact channels where your ads will be served. This is extremely powerful as you can now take additional control over your advertising strategy.

In-Market and Affinity Audiences are a fantastic way to segment your campaigns based on long term interests and current purchasing intent, however, YouTube placements take this specificity up a notch by allowing you to fine-tube the timing of your adverts.

Get started by researching popular YouTube channels used by your target audience and add these to your campaigns. You can then see how your ads performed on each channel and tweak your bids accordingly.


2. Grow Your Social Following

By using Facebook’s Power Editor, you can quickly ramp up your Facebook and Instagram following and video is definitely the best way to go about it.

We recommend choosing the “Brand Awareness” objective as this will help to optimise your ads for acquiring new likes/followers.

The next step is to you use a short, concise video which accurately portrays (and sells) a particular aspect of your business. Try focusing on one aspect (product/service/value etc) at a time and segment your audiences based on each category.

Learn more about marketing segmentation

At this point, you shouldn’t be trying to convert visitors, but rather to offer them a brief but memorable insight into your business and what makes you worth following.

A great example of this is Dollar Shave Club’s introductory video.

Whilst you don’t need to aim for amassing 25 million views as DSC did, creating videos which both entertain and educate will help to convince people your brand is worth following on social media.


3. Remarket To Website Visitors

When looking into your site’s analytics, you may find that your conversion rate is lower than expected. This could a site-wide issue or one which applies to specific product and service pages.

A comparatively low conversion rate is a sign that you need to provide users with more (or different) content in order for them to take action.

Fortunately, you can use remarketing lists based on page visits and on-site behaviour to create hyper-specific adverts across PPC and social media platforms.

For example, an ecommerce fashion company could use a showreel of popular shoe brands in lifestyle scenarios to bring users back to the site and convert.

Sometimes people just need a little reminder…

Remember to always A/B test your remarketing campaigns as this will give you even deeper insights into the types of adverts which work best for your business.


4. Sell Stuff!

When used correctly, social media adverts can be a fantastic way to drive an immediate uplift in sales, especially for business’s which employ discounts and sales tactics.

If you’re running a seasonal sale on your website, be sure to promote this via paid advertising. Sales are a great way to lure existing and new users to your brand, allowing them to learn more about the products you have to offer.

Showing your product in action through high-quality video is a far more powerful of demonstrating it’s features and benefits and will help you to increase your ads CTR and conversion rate.

Revenue driving ads aren’t limited to sales though.

If you have a new range you’d like to push or want to give your already popular products exposure from other channels, start by setting up a video advert on social which is limited to those who have already engaged with your brand (website visits and existing followers, that kind of thing).

Once your ads start to achieve a health ROAS (return on ad spend) you can then begin to broaden your targeting to less qualified users to extend its reach. Just be sure to keep an eye on your ad spend versus your revenue.


5. Solve Problems

Nowadays, search engines are one of the most common ways for users to get the answers they need and it’s up to you to make the most of this opportunity.

Solving questions for potential customers through a combination of SEO-friendly text pages and video content is a great way to both increase organic traffic to your site and establish your self as an authority on the subject.

This process will provide ongoing SEO benefits for your website as well as giving you a repository of highly-shareable content for use on other channels.

Furthermore, providing helpful content will assure users you are a company who can be trusted and relied on for information relevant to your vertical. Naturally, this leads to positive brand perception and increase the likelihood of conversion on your site.

If you’re looking to take your content creation game to the next level, let’s talk.