Welcome To Névé

Welcome To Névé

Welcome To Névé 1500 1001 Névé Studios

Hey and welcome to what we like to think is the first of many articles on here. But think of this as more of an introduction and a little added context for what we, at Névé Studios, are looking to achieve.


Let’s dig in.

Content creation is nothing new. As soon as business owners realised that protecting their livelihood required more than just setting up shop and hoping for the best, marketers have been creating marketing content.

Sure, it was a little different back then. It was one directional. It was disruptive. Business owners rarely had to vie for attention as the attention was always there. Whoever could make the biggest poster and put it in the best spot was the winner.

Things have changed. Consumers have developed banner blindness. We see something and we might like it – but we don’t just want to just see it again. We want to see more.


A field of dreams?

Content creation is no longer a field of dreams where if you build it, they will come. You can’t just have an expensive company video created only to pop it your website video manager and hope people enjoy it for the next ten years. The world simply doesn’t work like that anymore.

The Internet has made us all impatient. We always want to see more. We always want to know more. And if we don’t get it, we can always find it somewhere else.

Content creation has become a continual and evolutionary process.


It’s time to evolve

Instead of creating that company video, quietly sharing it on YouTube and waiting for the viewing figure to hit six figures – you need to start thinking multi-dimensionally. Why not create a behind the scenes blogging series containing professional still imagery of the entire production process? Add a face to your brand, show a little personality, show the lengths that your brand is willing to go to share its message with your audience.

If it’s right for your audience, create gifs from the video content to tap into the meme culture.

Rework multiple edits for specific areas of your business. Open up a discussion with your customers on social media to understand what they need and want.

If your brand is a familiar sight at trade shows and exhibitions, don’t just drag the same pull-up banners and presentation imagery to each and every show until the banners need physically replacing.

Don’t keep waiting until you have enough new employees to justify new headshots for the ‘Meet The Team’ page to realise that ten years has passed and everything is outdated.

The overvaluing of what you already own is called the endowment effect.


So what does this all mean?

We’re Névé Studios – a photographic studio comprising of an eclectic bunch of camera wizards and marketing geeks. We tow the line somewhere between photography studio and marketing consultancy firm.

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the practice of pulling together numerous freelancers for projects with varying prices, processes, style and quality? We have. It’s not fun, it’s expensive, it’s unpredictable – and it’s often the reason why you’re still using the marketing collateral that’s so old that no one can quite remember who created it.

Our mission at Névé Studios is super simple. To support ethical lifestyle brands to produce content, through the reframing of content creation from a ‘nice to have’ to something that needs to be consistently produced, analysed and improved.

We love big projects where we can pull together all of our in-house resources, but our true value is found through close collaboration with your brand – almost as an extension to your business. This is why we’ve developed three subscription packages to provide absolute clarity, transparency, dependability and effectiveness.

Gone are the days of briefing a freelancer on a project and hoping they ‘get it.’ We create the brief with you, we add new perspective to achieve your marketing goals, we ensure each and every project is measured against realistic KPIs, we assign you with a dedicated account manager to eliminate the horror of email tennis.

Put your existing marketing function into overdrive and allow your brand to become a content machine. There’s always opportunity there – let us work with you to exploit it.